Mechanical Dewatering Projects

Te Maunga WWTP

Dredge and dewater Oxidation Pond 1 and Pond 2 using 3 transportable centrifuges. Off-site disposal of dewatered sludge at adjacent landfill – 7000tDS

Tauranga City Council (NZ)

Altona – WWTPClient

Empty and dewater contents of 4 No. 2,000m3 Digesters utilising decanting centrifuge and gravity table

City West Water (VIC)

Mt Barker STP

Removal of sludge from the Primary and Eastern Storage Lagoons at Mt Barker WWTP, Dewater using transportable centrifuge plant and transport to disposal site

Mt Barker District Council (SA)

Various STPs

Mechanical Dewatering and Off site disposal of dewatered sludge at a biosolids reuse facility. Dewatered sludge at 13 STP’s – as part of a maintenance contract with SWC emptying and cleaning digesters and dredging sludge lagoons

Sydney Water Corporation