Pacific Technologies are specialists in all sectors of water and wastewater networks, with over 20 years of experience and numerous successfully executed projects across the Pacific.

We provide the best service possible to our clients, both in the public and private sector. We aim to provide a full system solution, starting from the engineering of the solution, to all the construction requirements, to system integration. We believe our extensive experience in project management services provides our clients with a partner that understands all their requirements and limitations, to provide the best-fit solution for their situation and issues.

Process Know-How

The design and delivery of water and wastewater projects are essential works in all communities. As such, they require the utmost attention to detail from the birth of a project until even past its full system integration. Pacific Technologies are specialised professionals with exceptional process experience, engineering expertise and provide a full-team integration. Our extensive experience has allowed us to develop innovative, team-based practices to facilitate a seamless and unified project approach.

The Design Build Process

Our design-build team work in a collaborative environment where engineering and construction ideas flow back into the design process, creating an agile workflow that increases productivity and shortens build times. This is particularly important for projects that require the delivery of a cost-effective and quality facility in a reduced time-frame.

Simple Contracts

Our project management approach means one client contract. This reduces project risks, budget overruns, eliminating the need to manage multiple contracts with different consultants and contractors for the same project. Once finalised, our contract provides clients with a complete transaction from design to installation.

Reduced Costs

By integrating design and build, we lower costs by integrating design and build. Combining the design and construction phases of a build enables greater savings as compared to a traditional linear approach.

Successful Partnerships

Projects like water treatment facilities can be vast and complex, with many stakeholders. We have a proven track-record of successful collaboration with many specialist companies for large, medium and small-scale projects.

Key Solutions

Pacific Technologies prides itself in its ability to provide a comprehensive design-build solutions. Under the design-build approach, Pacific Technologies provide you a design and build solution that meet your specifications. From a practical perspective, the design and construction will be integrated from the very early stages of the project.

By bringing all project stakeholders together in a single contract, the design-build approach helps foster successful partnerships. We address process design and project construction requirements within the budget and schedule parameters, resulting in less potential for escalation of project costs.