Pacific Technologies is a certified distributor for all the leading brands of instrumentation technologies. We provide a comprehensive range of products that allow us to be a one-stop-shop for all your instrumentation needs using the latest technologies from our trusted brands. This includes all water and wastewater systems, as well as industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, mining and shipping.

Our extensive experience and product range have allowed us to cover all sectors in the instrumentation industry, including Water Quality Analysis, Telemetry, Commercial and Domestic water networks, covering flow, volume, pressure, temperature and level measuring.

We recognise that industries are moving towards automation and understand the strength that data possess. By dealing with the world’s leading brands, we provide the latest and most innovative technologies trusted by major utilities globally, to supply and support the growth in the predictive intelligence and automation market.

Water Quality

Pacific Technologies provides solutions to measure the quality of both your water and wastewater network. As Hach authorised distributors of water quality reagents and controllers, along with our trained staff, Pacific Technologies will provide you with a solution covering all bases, from supply to installation to servicing. Our solution will ensure you comply with the Australia/New Zealand quality standards requirements, to deliver healthy and safe water to your customers.


Pacific Technologies understand the importance of moving to a smart, more connected world. As such, we provide telemetry solutions to send across critical data measured from instruments directly to you for analysis and/or billing, without the need for any manual reading or inspection.


Pacific Technologies provides accurate measurements for the flow of liquids and gas, to allow for reliable analysis and billing for your customer’s usage. Covering large meters for bulk storage/reservoirs, to commercial customers, to domestic residential homes, Pacific Technologies has a solution for you using our trusted brands and suppliers.


Pacific Technologies provide multiple solutions for your level measurement needs. From submersible measurements to non-contact instruments utilizing ultrasound technology, we look to provide the solution best suited for your case. We are the authorised distributor for Pulsar/Greyline products.