Sewer Monitoring Overflow

Client: Citycare Water

End User: Tasman District Council

Project: Sewer Monitoring Overflow

Brands: Metasphere – PT Blue RTU, Palette, Pulsar – Ultrasonic Level, Commissioning Services

Pacific Technologies (NZ) Ltd were contracted by Citycare Water to provide instrumentation and commissioning services to monitor sewer levels and alarm so co corrective actions can be taken by the Utility.

Issues within sewer networks are:

  • Finite Capacity
  • Legacy Issues
  • Dumping Grounds
  • Prone to Blockage

These can lead to uncontrolled discharges which in turn can:

  • Health and safety Issues
  • Utility Reputation
  • Fines from the Regulators

The solution:

Sewer Level Monitoring to alarm for uncontrolled discharges. The technology that was selected, supplied and commissioned by Pacific Technologies (NZ) Ltd has been proven in over 1000 applications with Utilities across Australia, Asia and The United Kingdom, and now into New Zealand.

Key features:

    • Point Orange RTU 3G/4G/NBIoT
    • DNP3, FTP, Medina
    • IP68 up to 4 metres for 4 days
    • RS232, RS485 and SDI-12 serial comms
    • Extended battery life
    • Remote config & upgrading of firmware
    • Dynamic trending and dial in capability
    • Patented internal immersion sensor
    • Automatic switchable internal/external antenna
    • Auto detection & switching to external power

    Pulsar dBi Ultrasonic Lever Sensor with features:

    • IP68
    • Low power consumption (36 micro Amps per hour when 4 measurements per hour are taken)
    • Rapid boot up (powers up intermittently; doesn’t stay on continuously)
    • Low power in, but high acoustic power output, to give robust and reliable readings in the most arduous of applications
    • Superior masking of intrusions and narrow beam
    • Drip shield to prevent condensation effecting the signal or optional submersible shields
    • False echo recognition software for difficult and tight applications
    • Range of level sensors is 3, 6, 10 and 15m and variable cable lengths from 5m – 30m

    ‘Palette’ – Metasphere’s Web Based Data Visualisation & Management Platform

14 systems were commissioned and successfully handed over to Client December 2019.